10 Magickal Tools for Your Basic Witch Needs

Cauldron as a magickal tool

No matter what your reason was for being drawn to the Craft, you are here now.

Maybe you are just a little curious, a little excited about learning more, and thought you’d take a peek. That’s perfectly fine too. The more you learn, the more informed you’ll be, and that is always a good thing.

Witchcraft is all about manifestation with magickal tools. The essential ingredients of a spell are tools to help manifest your desires into reality. The ingredients of your spells are tools, and so are your words. They create a powerful link from thought into being. But the tools I’m mentioning today are standard ones that are commonly used in practice and ritual.

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An athame is a ceremonial knife. It tends to be decorative and not sharp. It’s not used for actual cutting but instead cutting energy, such as cutting a doorway in your circle if you need to leave after you have drawn it.
Some people even draw their circle with their athame.

Other witches carve their candles for candle magick with their athame. I think it is a bit cumbersome, but always think it is worth giving something a try to see if it works for you.

The ringing of a bell clears the surrounding energy. Do this before setting your circle for spellwork or ritual. It’s similar to sage as it will cleanse the space of negative energy and spirits.

I use a chime as it works the same, but the sound resonates for much longer; however, bells are more decorative and have that “witchy” feel.

A besom is your broom. The most witchy of the magickal tools am I right? It can be a ceremonial broom, in which case I say make it an awesome witchy broom, lol, or it can be a functional broom. If it’s a functional broom, it should be made from natural materials like straw.

Many kitchen, hedge, and green witches tend to have functional brooms and use it in their daily life as well as ritual life. You would use your broom to “sweep” your working space (circle area) free of negative energy or psychic debris. I prefer to physically sweep, then take my broom outside and knocking it against something substantial to knock off the debris and leave it outside my home before bringing my broom back inside.

If you’re my granddaughter you can ride it and wonder why in the hell it doesn’t actually work, lol.

Your Book of Shadows is your witch journal.

You will keep your notes about correspondences, moon phases, astrological aspects, tarot spreads and notes, working spells and notes, herbal recipes, etc.

Anything and everything witchy can go in here. Mine is a HUGE binder so I can add pages and move them around freely. Although the words are used these days interchangeably, a GRIMOIRE is your perfected Spellbook and your BoS a witchy catchall.

A boline is a curved, sharp knife used for cutting herbs. Most of us buy them online and they come in plastic bags but for those who grow them, a boline is a perfect magickal tool for the basic witch.

You will use a shit ton of candles. Seriously. White and black are the most used ones because they are multi-purpose, but feel free to learn the color correspondences and stock up for a wide variety of spellwork. Silver and gold are excellent representations of the Goddess and God to keep on your altar as well.

Candles of every shape and size are high on the magickal tool list. I most commonly use chime candles because for most of my spells I use the entire candle and they will burn in about 2 hours. I’ve have them burn as fast as 20 minutes and as long as 3 but that was some crazy spellcasting.

Is there anything more witchy than this? I think you need a multitude of sizes. They are used for ritual and magick. I use a teeny size for burning charcoal and incense/herbs/small bits of paper inside, a Medium one for small, outdoor rituals and spellwork, and a large dutch oven as a cauldron for rituals and making my magickal black salt. I just put together some great cauldron kits in my Etsy store and you can take a look HERE.

Dutch ovens come with lids and are up to half the cost of cauldrons and don’t look much different. Keep it in mind when shopping for large cauldrons.

For ritual and ceremony mostly used in Wicca or covens, but I have also concluded spellwork with a small bit of wine and a cookie or chocolate for grounding purposes, plus they look cool. I have a set of gorgeous mini banded onyx ones.

YAY!!! Crystals raise the vibration of your space and your tools and aid in spellwork.

ALWAYS cleanse them first, and I never cleanse in water because there are too many that should never make contact with it. If water is your preferred method of cleansing, a good rule of thumb is to avoid doing so with crystals ending in “ite” bu there are plenty of crystals that don’t end in “ite” that shouldn’t touch water so do your homework.

A wand is a cool tool for guiding energy. The most common purpose would be for drawing your circle or infusing a spell.

You, of course, have a built-in wand on your hand-your index finger. A wand is obviously much cooler. I have a chakra wand that I absolutely love.

These are great magickal tools to have, but as you can see, many of them are not required. They help with the vibe, though, and have that whole empowerment thing going on—definitely Basic Witch accouterment. After years of practice, I find some I use more than others, and I am sure you will have your favorites as well.

If you have questions or topic ideas I’d love to hear from you, so contact me.

Witchcraft is all about manifestation with magickal tools. Here are 10 magickal tools every basic witch needs to start her craft off on the right foot.
magickal tools for basic witches

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