10 Ways to Add More Magick to Your Life

dancing in nature adds magick to your life

If you suddenly had more time on your hands, what would your spiritual or magickal practice look like? Would you add more of it into your life? Would you stop trying to jump through all the hoops and just BE? It’s a bigger question than it seems. What would you do with your witching hours? I’ve recently had to contemplate it and come up with 10 ways to add magick to your life.

My husband has been looking at retiring. Not just leaving work, but we’re talking about selling the house and moving to a retirement town in another state. Something smaller, quieter, more spacious, more affordable, and cooler but still dry. 

When he first started talking about retiring, I decided I would expand my small online store into a brick and mortar, something I’ve wanted to do for 11 years, but he wants an RV and the ability to pick up and go whenever he feels like it. This means I would need the same flexibility, and running a store seven days a week, 10 hours a day isn’t realistic. 

I then thought I would just expand my online store, but I have questions about being able to ship orders out when we are on the road. So then maybe I could just do my malas and macrame because I can take that with. Or I could just give it all up and write full time. 

But what if I said screw it all and became a woman of leisure? Maybe I could read all the books I have waiting for “when I have time”. Maybe I could actively work to lose the 50 pounds I’ve gained. Or I could finish my herbalist studies. I could take up a new hobby like pottery-isn’t that what retired women do?

When you are so used to every second of the day being dictated by needs instead of desires, things are more straightforward. You know you have to get up and do steps 1-100, then you eat lunch and do steps 101-200, and then you cook dinner, and so on. You are on auto-pilot just trying to get through the day until you can take a bit of time to yourself to relax. Then you go to bed and start all over again.

But give yourself time to do whatever you want to do, and suddenly there are questions. Do you pack your days full of a multitude of things? Or do you throw away the “musts” and just play each day by ear? It’s one of the things I loved about the COVID lockdown. Sure, I worried about money, but it improved the quality of our lives for a bit. What if I had that improved state of being all the time?

I’m a Capricorn with a Life Path 8. Playing things by ear and going with the flow is one of the hardest things for me. So, I’ve made a list of 10 ways to add magick to your life without them being “musts.” By musts, I mean an obligation that someone else depends on me for. 

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1. Yoga

Yoga is excellent for witches because of the movement and flow of energy. Kundalini yoga rocks the chakras, and if you’ve never had your kundalini activated WOW, are you in for a surprise. I have a Gaia subscription, so I should be taking advantage of that; it’s a fabulous resource if you don’t have access to affordable classes.

I’m turning 50 this year, and while that is still relatively young, my life is pretty stationery, and my joints are stiff and should be more pliable. So this is something I really want to pick up again.

2. Walking in nature

I don’t care what type of witchcraft you practice, witches need nature. Spiritualists believe nature is the direct expression of the Divine. And of course, if you are pagan, I don’t need to tell you how important your connection to nature is. 

I used to walk in nature almost daily while I lived in Indiana, but since moving back to Las Vegas 7 years ago it has become a rarity. 

3. Reading for pleasure

When is the last time you’ve done that? 

Now when I read, it’s always for information. I don’t set aside time to read except for right before bed. I usually read for 10-15 minutes and fall asleep. It takes me forever to finish a book this way. But I haven’t read a book for pleasure in what seems like ages. How nice would that be? Curling up with a good book to just sink into the story? Yum. Of course, reading anything witchy related from fiction to non is always welcome and enjoyable.

If you have any good book recommendations, I would LOVE to hear them in the comments. 

4. Cooking for pleasure

Cooking is a part of witchery and sabbats for all sorts of witches, not just kitchen witches. I know not all of us are chefs, so maybe this one doesn’t speak to you. The home chef kits like HelloFresh make it easy to be a good cook, though. They help me because my family is all meat-eaters who don’t touch vegetables and I’m a vegetarian who tries to eat vegan. 

I used to bake. I baked bread, yummy delicious candies, and cookies. I cooked home-cooked meals for the family instead of the same ole’ recipes. I made fabulous vegan meals for myself occasionally. Having time to cook for fun instead of rushing to get it on the table and be done with it would be so pleasant. Enjoy a glass of wine, listen to some good music, cook with love and intention, and make the experience enjoyable again.

5. Gardening

There are so many types of witchery that rely on herbs and gardening. So becoming familiar with your plants is essential. 

For an herbalist, I am a horrible plant mom. I would love to have a garden and work in it and study horticulture and learn how to be a better plant mom instead of just learning about the medicinal and magickal properties of herbs. I’d love to be able to have all healthy plants and not have to replace any because they died due to my lousy care. 

6. Writing

Whether you are writing a book, journaling, or creating your BoS II think it is important to take time to get your thoughts out of your head and on to paper or the computer at least. My Book of Shadows is in a half dozen notebooks and a multitude of computer files. Taking time to gather information and making a cohesive book is a fabulous undertaking so that when you are a nearly 30 year witch you aren’t trying to dig through scraps of papers and faulty memory files to make spells. 

For an author, I am a horrible writer. I don’t show up daily and write for myself. I write my blogs for hire. I write my blogs and do what I need to, but my book projects go unwritten, or it’s like pulling teeth, and I wait until the last moment and then rush, rush, rush. I’m awful. I’d really love to establish a routine of getting up, going on a walk or doing yoga, meditating, and then coming back for coffee and writing and knocking pages out like a boss and feeling accomplished. 

7. Making friends and actually DOING things

The reason there are so many solitary witches is that so many of us are introverts. I’m an INFJ so I CAN be sociable but because I know how much it takes out of me I don’t usually put myself out there and stay at home with my family instead. But I really like the idea of friends. Women I can enjoy a glass of wine with. Maybe even (*gasp) other witchy women. We could I don’t know-go shop for jars and herbs or incense or something. Eat? I always like to eat. 

8. All the Crafts

It is in our nature, not just witchy women, but all women to create. Being creative helps us keep our 2nd chakra nice and healthy, and since so many women have 2nd chakra issues, that’s important. 

For me, writing, making my malas, and herbal remedies are my main creative outlet. Decorating your altar for each pagan holiday is creative. Making spells-from poppets to juju bags-is even creative. What is it you like to do?

9. Home Life

Witches are masters of their home. I know they say the man is, but if there is a witch around, she is the one who rules the roost. We can be a bit of a packrat with our jars, herbs, candles, and crystals and such, but we also know the importance of energy and its need to flow correctly. Home improvements, decorating, and even cleaning are all very witchy ways to spend your time. Check out my blog on witchy housekeeping. Maybe you could implement a few feng shui techniques to improve the flow of energy in your home. 

If we retire, we won’t have all the kids in the house, and I’m torn between making the 3rd bedroom my meditation room or my witch room now that I will have more space. Maybe I can find a happy medium and make it work for both?

10. Meditate daily

I have been meditating ALMOST daily since 2008. Daily-ish. But it would be nice to do it DAILY. I know this kind of falls under MUST, but it’s also something beneficial to your well-being, so I’m putting it on the list. 

Meditation is excellent for your physical health. It battles stress and lowers blood pressure. It helps your emotional health by reducing anxiety and depression while increasing happiness levels. But for a witch, girl, it will set your intuition on fire! Your psychic and mediumship abilities will ignite and burn bright! When I used to take on students, they always asked what’s the best way to grow your intuition. My answer was still and forever will always be MEDITATE.

So those are ten ways I’d add more witchiness to my day if I decide to scrap all my musts and just go with the flow. Do what my heart desires in a more witchy way. Taking time to actually add more magick to your life is important from energy work to keeping up with your Book of Shadows. 

And you know what? Even if my husband doesn’t retire any time soon, and we don’t buy that RV, I’m going to find a way to add more of these things to my everyday life anyway because life is really too damn short.

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2 thoughts on “10 Ways to Add More Magick to Your Life”

  1. I love books by Sarah Addison Allen. She writes witchy fiction books. I also like “Once Upon a River” by Diane Setterfield. It’s a magical fiction. They were all books I couldn’t put down. Thanks for your tips! 🙂

    1. Oooh, thanks for the recommendation! I will look them up now. I really appreciate it. Thanks for reading!

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