13 Wonderful Witchy Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. With the lack of things to keep me entertained during this lockdown, I’ve done some online wish list shopping for witchy gift ideas.

Times have been a bit stressful. 

For me, my son was sick with what we’re almost certain was the virus, but they were out of tests for two weeks here. By the time he was no longer on the waitlist, he was almost recovered, and we thought it best to save a test for someone who needed it more. We were in direct contact with someone who had it, so we are pretty confident that the virus is what made him so sick. Trying to quarantine your child and yet somehow take care of him at the same time is stressful. 

We’re all just trying to keep our sanity these days. And some extra self-care is most beneficial, but it’s REALLY appreciated when the ones you love take a minute to show you they love all the things you do. Like all the banana bread you’ve been baking. Or that you’re cooking every night for the first time in maybe ever. Or working, tending house, and suddenly being forced to help homeschool your kids. 

Whatever the situation, a little gift-giving, a hug, and some kind words are much appreciated. The following is a list of wonderfully witchy gift ideas for the mother’s in your life (or yourself if you are a hint dropper like myself).

*This post contains some affiliate links. If you click on them and make a purchase I may receive a small commission through no additional cost to you.

1) Crystal Water Bottle

Crystal Water Bottles have been on my envy list for many moons. I’ve been known to throw some citrine in my water overnight for weight loss spells, but these crystal water bottles go far beyond the likes of that. I don’t know if it’s effective advertising or beautiful delivery, but these bottles make me want to drink ALL the water. Just looking at these bottles makes me drool.

2) Terrariums or Air Plants

Plants are always welcome at our house, but something cute makes an excellent gift. Terrariums and air plants in adorable jars (witchy women love jars after all) make for a fabulous gift. Terrariums are lovely for almost anywhere, but air plants do exceptionally well in kitchens and bathrooms. Perfect for the kitchen and green witch.

3) Macrame Wall Hanging

Macrame is one boho 70s hippie chick thing that I was glad to see make a comeback. For a while in my youth, we lived on a homestead, and macrame was the popular thing to do. I fell in love with macrame then, and it has always held a special place in my heart. The wall hangings of today though, are beautiful works of art. 

You can find amazing pieces on Etsy or better yet pick up some supplies HERE, watch some YouTube videos and make some yourself. Not only is it great fun, but it holds more meaning when it comes from you instead of a store. 

4) Birth Chart

Give her (or yourself) the gift of an astrological birth chart. I had one done by Hilary Harley last year for my birthday, and it was fabulous. There are different types of charts you can have done as well. You can find more information about Hilary and her readings at www.hilaryharley.com

5) Aromatherapy

I love things that smell good, and aromatherapy serves a dual purpose, which makes it even more worthy of a gift I want to receive. Situations have been a little…well…stressful. So adding some quality essential oils to a beautiful diffuser seems like something nice I can do for not only myself but my whole family right now as we are on lockdown. And if it calms my family, it calms me. So it is a win-win for sure. I like quality oils I can buy without pressure and obligation, so these from Gaiam, or from Plant Therapy, are big favorites. 

6) Agate Coasters

A wonderfully, witchy gift idea is beautiful sliced agate coasters. Again, a gift I have intense witchy envy for. Sliced agate is just so beautiful to look at, and the fact that I can have it AND it keeps my furniture stain-free is a bonus. I haven’t found any links of genuine agate (not fake) that weren’t expensive, so if you have a link, I’d love for you to drop it in the comment section because it’s going on my wish list. 

7) Journal

Most witchy women I know have a penchant for a few different standard things. Call it Basic Witch materials. And journals are one of them. There are so many different places you can get these journals of varying shapes, sizes, styles that I didn’t bother trying to find any preferred links. 

I just like journals. For me, I buy Michael’s brand of dot matrix journals several at a time. I must have 15 at least for spells, herbal recipes, regular bullet journals, notes for work, etc. But sometimes you need a gorgeous one to write down your musings. 

8) Beginner Witch Kit

If you haven’t started your apothecary, the Beginner Witch Kits in my Etsy store a great jumping-off point. Not a huge investment for a multitude of herbs such as I have, but it’s a beautiful collection of little bottles of herbs, black salt, candles, and more. You can check it out HERE.  I’m of course a little biased for this witchy gift idea. I think it makes the perfect gift for a beginner witch because it set them up with their own apothecary and a booklet of magickal herbs among other things.

9) Incense

Things that smell good are a must. And while incense is different from aromatherapy, it still raises the vibrations and cleanses the air, and when it is quality incense, the smell is divine. 

I’m a self-professed incense junkie and a bit of a snob because the quality is crucial to me. I don’t like cheap perfumes masking as incense. The best I’ve found is Fred Soll’s resin incense. It’s spendy as far as incense goes, but it lasts. I tend to light it, then let it burn for 20 minutes while I’m meditating, then put it out, lighting it up later in the day for 20 minutes, then putting it out, etc. You’ll find this way a stick will last for what seems like eons. 

10) Candles

Candles are another one of those Basic Witch things. I buy candles in bulk. For my altar I use unscented candles. I use a variety of them: tea lights, pillars of different sizes, tapers and I use chime candles for spells. When someone wants a prayer I tend to light tea candles for them so I go through A LOT of those. I always welcome getting candles as gifts because they are practical, and I don’t have to buy them for myself. 

11) Bath Suff

Not every witch likes baths but the ones who do REALLY like baths. I love using Magical Fairy Candle bath goodies. They have them for New Moon (have), Full Moon (have), Catalyst (need), and more. There are bath salts, bath bombs, and candles—all perfect for you soaking pleasure. Just be sure to lock the door to keep other people out, so you aren’t disturbed. So if you are looking for a nice, relaxing witchy gift idea that also smells divine this is the one.

12) For the working gal

Ok, this one isn’t so much for the witch but those working gals who love a retro feel. I have hardcore lust for this keyboard. On my wishlist is a much more affordable non-retro version, but if wishes were horses and all, this is the one I would have. When I looked at Best Buy, they were out of stock, but Office Depot seems to have some if you have the means. 

13) Tarot Cards

If the mother in your life has even mentioned a tarot deck they like, have seen, thought was interesting, heard a rumor of, etc. buy it for them. If they mentioned it, they need it. Even if they have 22 other decks sitting on a shelf. They need all the decks. Trust me. 

I’ve been practicing a long time, and I’m always down for some witchy gift ideas. There are still little tidbits and trinkets that come our way that we fall in love with, but for many of us, we do play the role of a Basic Witch well. Herbs, books, journals, jars, crystals, tarot, etc. So shopping for gifts in those areas are always a safe bet. 

Whether you are a mother to kiddos, to furbabies, or just in that mother stage of your life, you are to be celebrated. As one mother to another, I honor you. Times have been rough. You deserve the very best. I wish you a very lovely day, no matter how you celebrate it, and I hope you are staying safe and well. 

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