The 2021 Astrological Calendar You Don’t Want to Miss

Cosmic Color 2021 Astrological Calendar

As you wind down the year, there’s always that window to prep for the new year. This year I’m super excited. Not only to kick 2020 to the curb but because I found the perfect 2021 Astrological Calendar. 

Every year during the 4th quarter, I get all introspective. I start looking back at what the current year brought and what I want to manifest in the year ahead—personal, family, and business goals. I try to fit my significant changes into planetary alignment because I want all the help I can get, wouldn’t you?

Last year I wrote a book along with the help of designer Anissa Cosby, and it was a fabulous journey. It was all about journaling with the moon along with rituals to guide you through. This year, while I’m creating more books, she made a spectacular astrological calendar (and she’s working on a fantastic surprise project as we speak-can’t wait). They’re really something to behold.

So What’s Inside the 2021 Astrological Calendar?

Of course, the calendar covers the lunar phases, but it also notes all the major planetary transits. Knowing the planetary transits allows you to record trends and prominent personality and identity changes. 

Also included are the eclipses throughout the year and all the void moon times. As if that wasn’t enough, it gives you all the zodiac seasons as well. 

On the final page, you will find a complete guide instructing you on properly using the calendar and getting the most out of it to have a fantastic 2021. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some significant, positive changes. 

How Does an Astrological Calendar Help Me?

An astrological calendar allows you to see well in advance all the planetary changes coming up that might affect you. It will enable you to recognize trends before they happen so you can plan accordingly—things such as times of prosperity, times of spiritual growth, times of reflection. 

If you have ever felt a hot mess for no reason, it would be beneficial to track these moods on your calendar. To see how your moods fluctuate with the planetary changes. If you know how you react when the Full Moon is in Scorpio, you will be better equipped to deal with it. 

Tell Me More About the 2021 Astrological Calendar

The 2021 Astrological Calendar comes in Cosmic Color, or there’s a Lusty Vintage Edition. Both are drop-dead gorgeous, and admittedly, I had a hard time making up my mind. I’ll be giving you a coupon so maybe get both!

They are printed on white, matte-finished 120 lb. paper and are 9.5″ W x 17.25″ H. These calendars are 14 pages of gorgeousness and chockful of information. Unfortunately, for the time being, they are just for the Northern Hemisphere. 

Lusty vintage 2021 astrological calendar

How Do I Get My Calendar?

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Right now, I can offer you an exclusive coupon of 15% off with code MATM when you get your Cosmic Color 2021 Astrological Calendar, HERE

and your Lusty Vintage 2021 Astrological Calendar HERE

There’s a lot of other incredible witchy products at her online store too. I LOVE the Triple Moon face mask. There is a ton of witchy clothes and fabulous tumblers. And the astrological clock is to die for. So maybe keep it all in mind for Winter Solstice and Christmas gift-buying season. 

But you definitely need to check out these 2021 astrological calendars and get one for your office or home now so you can start mapping out the year ahead. They are simply stunning. 

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