5 Herbs to Cleanse and Protect Your Space

Herbs to cleanse and protect your space

You’ve just shut the door behind the worst house guests EVER! Maybe your guest is of the spirit nature, and they keep turning on the tv in the middle of the night, and you’ve had enough. Or perhaps you and your mate just had a HUGE fight, and the energy is SO freaking heavy you could cut it with an athame.

Whatever has your energy in a fit, you need some cleansing. Sage is excellent, BUT there’s a lot of controversy surrounding the use of white sage (personally, I use it from a reputable and ethically farmed supplier and am growing my own). Also, while it’s excellent at cleansing, there are a lot of herbs that cleanse AND that also add back positive and protective energy, and those are the ones I love most.

So, what are my top five favorite herbs to cleanse and protect your space?

*NOTE-As always, when I say herbs, I also include resins, roots, and flowers. I also include tree bark, berries, nuts, and grasses in that group and not just the traditional species of herbs. In a medicinal and witchy sense, all plant tissue falls under the realms of herbs.

1. Angelica

I LOVE this herb, and it’s part of my herbal blend in my Home Blessing Box (for when you are looking to pull out the big guns). The myth says the herb appeared in the place where Archangel Michael stood when he made an earthly appearance. It’s a very high vibrational herb and has an intense cleansing and protective energy that will help cleanse and protect your space. It’s also known as Holy Ghost Root and was thought to ward off the plague.

2. Blessed Thistle

Blessed Thistle is considered a sacred herb (did the name give it away?) and has strong purification and protection properties. It was another herb that was thought to ward off the plague.

3. Dragon’s Blood

This resin is excellent for banishing negativity, evil, and spirits but also for protection and healing. I suggest buying this as a loose resin and not an incense stick because too often, companies will add artificial fragrance to cut costs instead of pure resin. 

There are a few reputable companies that sell pure resin incense. I highly recommend Fred Soll’s resin incense. It’s spendy, but it’s genuine, and it is AH-mazing. It also has a very slow burn so you can put it out and burn it multiple times.

4. Frankincense

The holy temples of Egypt used frankincense for purification and healing purposes. They also used it as part of their embalming process. It’s considered the highest vibration herb/resin there is. It has long been used for healing purposes too.

Frankincense helps cleanse, protect and bless as well as connects you to a higher source. 

5. Hyssop

Hyssop has been considered holy since biblical times, and it’s mentioned numerous times in the Bible. It was used to cleanse sacred spaces and was thought to protect against the plague. 

Hyssop is an herb to be used when seeking the protection of God-whatever God may mean to you. It’s also a very healing herb. Yet another herb to cleanse and protect your space.

How You Use Herbs to Cleanse and Protect Your Space

All of these herbs and resins can be burned on a piece of charcoal. Leave the charcoal in place or carry it throughout your home in a censer. You can also add a bit to your laundry or floor wash (EXCEPT for Dragon’s Blood because it will stain everything you own), your bathwater, or get the Protection Kit and create a juju bag for personal use or in places like your office or car.

Keeping your space cleansed, protected, and blessed helps keep the good juju in and the bad juju out. Doing it regularly can help the energy flow smoothly in your home and help maintain a sense of peace and balance.

Whatever you do, raise the vibe to protect your space, and person, from negative vibes from coming back, that’s very important. If you have a favorite herb to cleanse and protect your space, I’d love to hear it.

Contact me with any questions, concerns or subject matter you’d love to learn more about. I’d love to hear from you.

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