About Me

It all began many, many, MANY moons ago back about 1978-79 when I received my first library card. It was the Oz series by Frank L. Baum that got me started. But when I found my first book on the witch trials, I was hooked.

What I didn’t know then is that I come from a long line of witchy women-folk healers, practitioners, and women who just knew things-my mom has a knack for knowing the whereabouts of any lost object. Witchcraft was in my blood. As well as that knowingness. I wasn’t quite two-and-a-half when my mediumship abilities made themselves known.

However, it wasn’t until 1994 that I started practicing magick on my own. The journey has been long and winding, from being in the broom closet, joining a coven for a short time, to being a professional witch selling my wares and spells. But no matter what road I take, magick and healing are a part of my life.

And now? Now, I sit in my office and write. Blogs, words for those who hire me, and I’m currently working on a Magick and the Moon series of 101 books for the Kindle. It is these books that I look forward to sharing the most.

If you ever have questions or blog topics you’d like me to cover, then please contact me HERE.

Mima Browning is a writer and witch living in Las Vegas. She loves meditation, hoarding books, guzzling coffee, burning incense, eating food spicier than the 9th ring of Hell, and laughing out loud.

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