Kim Galliher

Kim Galliher is an author and a freelance writer for hire. She lives in Las Vegas with her 3 beautiful kids, spitfire granddaughter, very supportive husband, 4 dogs, the worst feral cat ever, and a fat-tailed gecko named Ralph.

secret of life

The Secret of Life

There’s something about fall. It’s not just hot cocoa and fuzzy socks I love. It’s the hibernating. I don’t mean just staying indoors and curling up under a fluffy blanket, but going within the mind.

cauldron and magical spells to hex or not to hex

To Hex or Not to Hex

With so much going on in the world and all the bad juju carrying on, it’s enough to make good witches go bad. But what’s all the fuss about the Rule of Three or the Law of Karma, and does it really matter? When push comes to shove, the real question is-is it OK to …

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herbs for grounding

5 Herbs for Grounding

Let’s face it. In this crazy AF world we live in, we can become pretty scattered. Our minds are out in the world doing a bazillion different things instead of being clear, focused, and grounded. So here to help are five herbs for grounding.

Beginner Witch Supplies List

Starting out, I know it’s hard not to want ALL the witchy finds. But I’ve composed a practical beginner witch supplies list to help you better spend those hard-earned dollars.

green witch herbs

Where to Learn About Green Witch Herbs

If you are looking to learn about green witch herbs but have no idea where to start, I am here to help a sister out! An awesome magickal apothecary has green witch drooling with envy so I know you want to get started.

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