Beginner Witch Supplies List

Starting out, I know it’s hard not to want ALL the witchy finds. But I’ve composed a practical beginner witch supplies list to help you better spend those hard-earned dollars.

beginner witch supplies list

There are so many wonderfully witchy finds that tickle our fancy that keeps us wanting more and more. Practically every crystal, there are always new tarot decks, herbs aplenty, wands, and more. But if you are on a budget, how do you spend your money wisely? What’s the difference between aesthetics and practicality?

That’s what I am here to share with you.

It first comes down to what kind of witchcraft you are practicing. Somethings will be more important to you than others. If you’re a green witch, then herbs will play a significant role, whereas if you are an earth witch, then crystals might be more important to you. So keep that in mind and always make that a priority.

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Beginner Witch Supplies List


No matter what kind of witchcraft you practice, you’re going to use candles. And probably lots of them. Personally, I prefer the little chime candles because you can dress them with herbs and carve them (with a toothpick) and burn them entirely in a short amount of time.

These you can get in a wide variety of colors for your spelling needs. (Sign up for my freebie to get craft notes on color correspondences). I use mostly purple, green, black, and white, but those are for standard spells I do regularly. Before I basically stopped doing love spells I used a lot of red as well.

Tarot Cards

Do you have to practice tarot to be a witch? Absolutely not. There are other types of divination. But you don’t even have to practice divination. I do strongly encourage practicing meditation and getting in touch with your intuition, however.

Strengthening your intuition and psychic abilities goes a long way in helping your witchy skills. You want to stay on top of that while you are casting spells and practicing magick. Sometimes you will just need to go with your intuition, and you always need to trust it.

If you are in doubt and turn to divination methods, then have the right tools available to you. That’s why I suggest adding tarot cards to your beginner witch supplies list.


A few essential crystals are what you need to start you off on the right foot. You don’t need a slew but something for protection such as black tourmaline, smoky quartz, or onyx—one for money, either citrine or green aventurine. And always a nice piece of amethyst and quartz crystal for cleansing your aura, general healing, and in the case of your quartz, boosting the potency of your other crystals.


You are going to need a Book of Shadows. So either get a lovely journal or a 3 ring binder to compile your notes in. This may be the most important thing on your beginner witch supplies list. You will probably have a lot of journals for a wide variety of things.

Michael’s makes a dot matrix one for $6.99 that I just love and buy several at a time. They are great for bullet journaling or basic note-taking. They come in a wide variety of colors, too, so you can keep your ideas color-coded. But Amazon has some amazing decorated dot-matrix journals also.


You will want a small cauldron or an abalone shell—something to burn pieces of charcoal in so that you can burn resins and herbs in. Cauldrons, of course, keep the heat better than abalone shells, so that is my personal preference, but I do have both.

I keep cauldrons of various sizes on hand. I have a 3″ one for my desk/workspace. That is the one I get the most use out of. I use it for my resins and herbs. I have a 4.5″ inch one that I use for burning bowl rituals, and then I have a large dutch oven I use as a cauldron for outdoor purposes.

I suggest the dutch ovens over cauldrons for outdoor uses because of their price point. They are basically the same thing, but a dutch oven is significantly lower priced. I don’t know why, but it’s true.

Smudging Material

Notice I didn’t say sage. Or Palo Santo. I want you to use what you are comfortable with. Whatever herbs you choose to purify your space that aligns with your beliefs. You could use cedar, juniper, essential oils, one of these other herbs, or a high-quality incense (my favorite is Fred Soll’s).

Get in the habit of cleansing your space regularly. If you are going to be a light, you will find that all sorts of spirits in the afterworld will be drawn to you. You will want to cleanse, purify, and bless your surroundings regularly. And it would be best if you always protect yourself and your space.


So I can’t rightly tell you what herbs to get because I don’t know what spells you will be drawn to or if healing magick is more your style, but I do have an Herbal Magick 101 course that might help you decide that.

I can tell you that you want to buy small amounts of herbs because their shelf life is only one year if you keep them away from direct sunlight, and you simply won’t use as much as you think. So buy small quantities when you can. You save money buying in bulk, but it isn’t worth the money if you have to throw them out.

Herbs are even something you can wait on or build up your apothecary slowly over time. If you live somewhere green, I encourage you to get a local field guide and wildcraft. Just do so, responsibly. Don’t take anything endangered and never take more than one-third of what there is.

If you don’t want to wait and herbs are a must-have for your beginner witch supplies list then try a beginner’s witch kit like the one here to get a little bit of everything.

Other Beginner Witch Supplies List Tips

So that is my essential beginner witch supplies list. It isn’t too involved. Forget about the chalices, wands, expensive crystal balls, bells, and whatnot. You don’t need it. Sure, you can have those things if you want. Especially if you enjoy ritual, but you certainly don’t need them.

If you’re searching for items, be sure to hunt bargain places such as eBay, dollar stores, resale shops, etc. There are all sorts of treasures to be found at Goodwill and the Salvation Army. Join witchy groups on Facebook. All the time, I see people giving things away or trading items. Also, check Etsy for one of a kind items.

practical beginner witch supplies list

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