simple ways to celebrate imbolc

Simple Ways to Celebrate Imbolc

Imbolc kicks off the calendar year as far as witchy holidays go. It reminds us that spring is near, and there’s a stirring of new life. Imbolc means “in the belly,” and Imbolc is considered the “quickening of the year.” It brings with it hope and excitement of the life that is near. But what do you DO for Imbolc? Well, here are some simple ways to celebrate Imbolc if you’ve never observed it before.

magick with the cosmos

Magick with the Cosmos

I don’t know about you, but I get incredibly introspective during the last two weeks of every year. I start to look back over the past year (my tagline for this year-2020, better than a sharp stick in the eye…but not by much) and start planning out the new year. This year I have the PERFECT planner for you witchy gals. Anissa Cosby and I have teamed up to make Magick with the Cosmos, the ultimate astrology planner/journal combo, and you won’t want to miss it.

secret of life

The Secret of Life

There’s something about fall. It’s not just hot cocoa and fuzzy socks I love. It’s the hibernating. I don’t mean just staying indoors and curling up under a fluffy blanket, but going within the mind.

cauldron and magical spells to hex or not to hex

To Hex or Not to Hex

With so much going on in the world and all the bad juju carrying on, it’s enough to make good witches go bad. But what’s all the fuss about the Rule of Three or the Law of Karma, and does it really matter? When push comes to shove, the real question is-is it OK to …

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herbs for grounding

5 Herbs for Grounding

Let’s face it. In this crazy AF world we live in, we can become pretty scattered. Our minds are out in the world doing a bazillion different things instead of being clear, focused, and grounded. So here to help are five herbs for grounding.

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