Witchy Living

Beginner Witch Supplies List

Starting out, I know it’s hard not to want ALL the witchy finds. But I’ve composed a practical beginner witch supplies list to help you better spend those hard-earned dollars.

dancing in field adds magick to your life

10 Ways to Add More Magick to Your Life

If you suddenly had more time on your hands, what would your spiritual or magickal practice look like? Would you add more of it into your life? Would you stop trying to jump through all the hoops and just BE? I’ve recently had to contemplate it and come up with 10 ways to add magick to your life.

Magickal Housekeeping

7 Great Tips for Witchy Housekeeping

Being a witch isn’t just about having an Instagram worthy altar setup or casting spells for your broken-hearted friends. It also boils down to the simplest of things like witchy housekeeping.

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