Why the Full Moon on Halloween 2020 is Special

Halloween 2020 full moon

2020 has dropped a lot of crap upon us, but one gift it has bestowed is a fabulous full moon on Halloween. How perfectly witchy is that? Like every Halloween drawing ever, you’d think a full moon on Halloween was quite common, but that’s not actually true. That’s why the full moon on Halloween 2020 is special.

So How Often Does a Full Moon on Halloween Happen?

So in actuality, a full moon only happens on Halloween about every 18 to 19 years, making the occurrence a lot less frequent than tv and cartoon drawings would have you believe. While a lovely full moon makes for a great Halloween photo op, it just isn’t very realistic in terms of actuality. 

Why is This Full Moon so Special?

The full moon on Halloween 2020 is extra special because it’s a calendar blue moon, meaning the second full moon in a calendar month. A Blue Moon by this definition only happens about every 2-3 years. It happens so rarely on a spooky holiday like Halloween (cue creepy music and the sound of ghosts moaning and groaning) that it’s considered a once-in-a-lifetime event. 

What Can You Do to Celebrate It?

Are you celebrating Samhain? Then try these typical Samhain celebrations under the light of the Halloween Blue Moon.

Have a Bonfire

If you can’t have a bonfire, a firepit will do, or even burning some charcoals and herbs in your cauldron outside. Gather your friends or family and sit around the fire. Tell each other stories about your loved ones who have passed. Take the time to remember them with love. 

Create an Ancestor Altar

Creating an ancestor altar for your loved ones on the other side is a perfect way to celebrate Samhain. This year, however, take it outside, at least for the night. Set it up where their pictures and tributes can bask in the moonlight too. 

Visit a Cemetery 

For Samhain, honoring the dead is an integral part of the celebration. You can visit the graves of those you loved or just visit a local cemetery to honor those who are no longer here on this earthly plane with the people who love them. 

Divination Readings

The veil is thin on this day, and you can get great insight from spirit or talk with your loved ones. Why not make the connection under the light of Halloween’s blue moon?

Dinner with Your Ancestors

Enjoying a nice meal under the light of the full moon on Halloween while saving a seat for your ancestors is always a great way to celebrate Samhain, but enjoying your meal outside on the patio would be divine on this once-in-a-lifetime night. 

Create Magickal Salt & Water

The full moon on Halloween is the perfect time to create moon water and black salt, but this once-in-a-lifetime event will surely add some unique energy to your mixture. Be sure to make extra. You can freeze the water by pouring it into ice cube trays, and the salt lasts for just about forever, so make as much as you’d like. 

Set a Large Goal

Full moons are for bringing desires to fruition or “wishing.” Why not wish for a 2-3 year goal to be made manifest since blue moons happen only every 2-3 years? It’s the perfect time to wish on a mid-range goal to be set in motion. 

Dance Like No One’s Watching

And if none of that does it for you, strip down naked and dance under the light of the moon. Call down the power of her energy and have it fill your entire being and dance ecstatically in your backyard, or throw open your windows and do it in the comfort of your own home. No judgment here. 

No matter how you choose to celebrate this full moon on Halloween, make sure to take pause and recognize the special moment coming to pass in your life because it might not happen again.

Remember, the full moon is also an excellent time for a little witchy housekeeping, and you can find more info about that in my blog HERE.

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Halloween 2020 Full Blue Moon

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