Help! I Don’t Think My Spells Work

creating spells that work

So many times, I’ve seen this plea come up in different witchy groups. Help me! I don’t think my spell will work, and I don’t know what to do. Sister let me help.

Sometimes we want something so badly; we NEED it, and yet there are so many desperate and fear-based thoughts surrounding what if we don’t get it, we are actually repelling our desires. 

Sometimes I gently try to explain how spells works, and sometimes I scroll on by. 

Why? Because when we are caught up in that frantic emotion, we aren’t in a position to listen. To actually hear what needs to be heard. So I decided to write a blog post about it instead, in hopes of spreading the word in a calm, relaxed manner instead of when the house is on fire, so to speak. 

Kicking it Old School

Spellwork is like old-school law of attraction before The Secret was cool. 

The only difference is we use what I refer to as “props” or ingredients in our spells. I use the words props when trying to explain to outsiders or “muggles”, lol. 

Energy is everything. And the ultimate goal is to create an energetic match for what you desire. 

In magick, we do this with ingredients. 

Each item we use from herbs, crystals, the day of the week, or color correspondence has meaning or energy. 

How Spells Work

When you cast a spell, you are compiling ingredients of energy to match what you desire. Or building stairs or a ladder to your desire is the example I like to give.

So say what I want is a new job with great pay and benefits and I want it to be close to home, so there isn’t much of a commute. I want to pull my ingredients together for that.

  •  I’d use a variety of herbs say basil, black haw, deer’s tongue if I were going on interviews, grains of paradise, job’s tears, and witches grass. Those herbs would be steps towards reaching my goal. 
  • I’d write a petition, and that would be a step.
  • I’d use an orange candle for business success and ambition, and that would be another step. 
  • I’d perform the spell on say Sunday for career and success to add another step. 
  • Then I would pray to my Divine, and that would add more steps. 

Then comes my intention.

My intention is the most crucial part of it all because it’s going to drive the spell home. Some people are natural manifestors and don’t need spells, but 1) how mundane and 2) you manifest the bad with the good. 

Most of us have to get clear and focused to get our spells to work. We have to believe in ourselves, our power, and our magick or rather know that they are one and the same. 

But what the hell does that mean? What does that look like when you’re new to it all and don’t know how to manifest a parking space, let alone an excellent job?

Use Your Senses

To make your spells work you have to SEE it, FEEL it, and KNOW it. 

SEE the desired outcome taking place. Not just the action happening but how it will affect everyone involved. If it’s getting this great job with the shorter commute and more money and great benefits, see how it affects you and changes your life for the better. 

It might look something like this—a happy scene at home in the evenings. I’m home earlier, so I get to make dinner with my family instead of grabbing some crappy takeout on the way home. 

We’re laughing and enjoying each other’s company. Seeing my youngest daughter laugh is great because this job helped me afford braces for her teeth, and suddenly she has more confidence to laugh and smile. 

Everyone is happier because there is less financial stress, and it helps even more that I can be home in time to cook at home instead of eating out, and we are saving money there too. My husband is less stressed because he has less burden placed on him. Everyone is happy. 

But how does it FEEL? It’s important to experience that joy of the moment. Feel how excited you are when they tell you that you got the job and how proud you are when you share the news with your family. Feel the viral happiness of the whole family. This is a cause and effect event, so feel the effects. 

And then KNOW that the wheels are already being set in motion and all you have to do is keep the faith (meaning keep the vibration). And bide your time or, in cases like this, take actionable steps to assist the Universe. Jobs don’t fall out of the sky and into your lap unassisted. 

Breaking it All Down

But know that if you start your spell out with the thought of it isn’t going to work, or with a negative frame of mind, the ingredients are only getting you halfway there. A half-hearted effort (and I say this with love) isn’t a job worth doing, and you’d be better off working on your mindset first. Put your time and energy where it matters most.

Sometimes just getting grounded can go along way. Getting grounded calms your root chakra which when out of balance leaves us fearful and full of doubt. If you need help with that I have an easy guided Grounding Meditation. That will clear the way for you to get aligned energetically.

All the intentions in the world don’t mean anything if the energy behind them isn’t real. 

Meaning I can think the thought “I want a steak.” but I’m a vegetarian and would no sooner eat a steak than a shoe, so it means nothing. The thought is empty and worthless. It’s the energy I put behind it that matters. 

If I told myself, “I want a steak so badly, and I want it because of X, Y, and Z,” And I pictured myself enjoying this steak, surrounded by happy people and having a good time. It didn’t make me sick, and I repeated that enough times I have no doubt I would soon be craving a steak. 

You must get your energy aligned with your intentions. Get your intentions aligned with your magick. And that is how you make spells work in your favor. To learn more check out my Spellcasting blog HERE

If you have questions or topics you’d like me to cover please contact me.

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