How to Use a Pendulum…Like a Boss

how to use a pendulum

If you’ve stepped foot into any metaphysical shop, you’ve seen a multitude of pendulums hanging there just waiting to go to a forever home. It’s the easiest method of divination, but you may still be wondering just how to use a pendulum if you are just starting out. Well, my love, let me walk you through it. 

What is a Pendulum Used For?

A pendulum can be used in a multitude of ways. You can learn to use a pendulum for healing and chakra work, divination, finding lost objects, clearing your space of negative energy, detecting spirits in your home. All sorts of yummy little paranormal types of things. How fun, right?!

How Do you Choose a Pendulum?

There are so many different varieties of pendulums that you could spend an entire day searching the interwebs for one. But I think you should choose your pendulum in person or have someone intuitively select it for you as I do in my Mystery Boxes. Let the pendulum choose you. The most common, and preferred, pendulum these days are of the crystal variety. My only warning is to make sure that it is an all-natural stone you are buying and not synthetic or dyed. There are also wooden and metal pendulums as well. Just see what you are drawn too.

How do I Prepare my Pendulum?

Just like most anything tool, especially those used for divination, that you get in a metaphysical shop where it might be handled by a multitude of people and their energies, you want to cleanse and purify the pendulum. I say an invocation. Mine goes like this:

Mother/Father God, Ascended Master, Angels, Spirit Guides, and Loved Ones on the Other Side- I ask that you be here now and help to cleanse and anoint this pendulum and myself for the highest good of myself and anyone who might obtain answers from this pendulum. I thank you for your presence and the work that you do always. And so it is.

Then I pass my pendulum through a blend of cleansing and protection herbs. Sometimes, I get lazy, and it’s just sage or juniper, but I try to make a nice blend to cleanse, purify, and protect it. (I do these steps after using it as well).

Once that is done, I then calibrate it. I never hold it between my index finger and thumb, though. There is something called micro-movements that can influence the movement of the pendulum. 

I don’t want any physical influence on the pendulum, so instead, I place what is usually a ball of some sort at the end of the chain, between my index and middle finger right in the curve where the two fingers meet. I let the pendulum hang from the position, so my fingertips’ nerves aren’t reacting to any questions I am asking. 

Next, I ask my pendulum to show me a “no” answer, then a “yes” answer, followed by a “maybe,” or perhaps you want to go with “I don’t know.” After it is what I consider to be calibrated, the pendulum is ready for actual usage. 

How to Use a Pendulum

There are a few typical ways to use a pendulum, and I’ll touch on those briefly. But this is in no way an all-inclusive blog about how to use your pendulum. I don’t doubt there are ways I’ve never even heard of. People are pretty ingenious so see what you can come up with in addition to these ways. 

How to Use a Pendulum for Divination

So using a pendulum for divination is probably the most common purpose these days. Asking for spirit to answer your questions via your pendulum in a yes or no format is pretty straight-forward and simple. I always start by calibrating my pendulum and asking to connect with those in spirit most knowledgeable and working for my (or the person I’m asking questions for) best and highest good. 

You may not always get an answer if you don’t trust in the process. If you don’t get the answer you want to hear, then don’t ask the question twenty different ways, hoping to get the answer you want because that is just going to fudge the energy right up, and spirit will take its toys and head on home. You don’t want to listen, that’s fine, but they won’t sit there and play your silly games either. 

How to Use a Pendulum for Chakra Balancing

To use your pendulum for chakra balancing, you will first need a firm grasp of where your chakras are. This exercise, I think, works best with two people. Starting at the root chakra, hold the pendulum 12-18″ over the chakra and ask if it’s balanced. Watch to see how fast the pendulum swings and in which direction. Go through that process with each of the seven main chakras. Depending on the swings’ speed for the “No” answers, you should be able to tell if you need a little or a lot of energy work on that particular chakra to bring into balance. 

How to Use a Pendulum for Healing

Using a pendulum for healing is very similar to using a pendulum for chakra balancing. You will discuss what seems out of balance or tune in intuitively, check it with your pendulum after it is calibrated, and then do energy healing on the specific place then recheck the area to see if more healing work is needed. 

If you are new to energy healing, you can always pass a pendulum over the whole body slowly, area by area, to see what turns to a “No” when calibrating your pendulum. However, I suggest you state for it to show you “in health” and “needs healing” instead of “yes” or “no.” 

How to Use a Pendulum for Space Cleansing

Using a pendulum for space cleansing, you will calibrate your pendulum first and use it before doing any cleansing work. You will slowly walk the space with your pendulum, paying attention to the swing as you move from room to room. When you get a reverse movement, you want to spend more time and effort on cleansing, purifying, and blessing that space. 

What Else You Might Need to Know About How to Use a Pendulum 

It’s essential to thank your spirit team (or that of the person you are asking questions for) for showing up and helping a sister out. Then you want to cleanse your pendulum. I store mine in a wooden puzzle box, but a black cloth or leather pouch is good too. It’s also nice to keep it with a protective stone like a small smoky quartz or black tourmaline. 

Even if you don’t have anything important to use it for, it’s a good idea to take it out regularly and take it for a spin. Keep it “lubed” up and the battery in good shape, especially if it is made of crystals. 

So that’s it. I’d love to hear what kind of pendulum you have and what you use it for. So comment below and let me know. 

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how to use a pendulum

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