5 Simple Prosperity Spell Herbs to Delight Your Bank Account

Errrybody wants prosperity spells. I never use the word abundance because you can have an abundance of cowshit, and unless you’re a farmer with a need for fertilizer, that’s not a good thing. 

A lot of not so great things can come in an abundance that I don’t want-fleas, bird poop on my newly washed car, pimples, and gas because I faltered and ate some dairy…you get the point. So always go with prosperity instead. So simple prosperity spells are where it’s at.

What’s in Prosperity Spells?

There are complex money spells and simple prosperity spells. Starting out I saw go with the simple spells. They are easier to maintain the focus, have fewer ingredients and easier to manage.

A simple prosperity spell could be carrying a buckeye in your pocket tied with green string, or a green candle anointed in money drawing oil or you could make it more complex like my 7 day prosperity spell for bringing in the big bucks.

My Mo’ Money Spell with Better Business Booster is my hottest spell for hire out there, and I should honestly hope so. I worked it HARD to bring in the $250,000 I asked for my husband’s business. The first lady I created it for brought in $100,000, but admittedly, those are not typical results. 

However, others have brought in $9-10K months, $1500 surprise checks, and more. But it is a long, drawn-out 7-day ritual spell, and not everyone has the time or focus for that. People want to know where the money is at NOW. 

So here are MY top 5 prosperity spell herbs that I use for spell casting and different ways I have used the prosperity spell herbs to bring about success in my life and the life of my clients. You might have another favorite that didn’t make my list, and that’s ok. These are my favorites to work with while doing spellwork. These are in no particular order. 

1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon smells delicious, and it also kicks ass in the magickal world. It’s excellent for success and money drawing, but also its sense of power. Due to its spiciness, it acts as a booster to any spell it’s added to, just like cayenne or black pepper. That’s why I like this one. It’s multi-functional, bringing in that boost as well as the initial properties.

You can use cinnamon in several ways, but adding it to your morning coffee is a great way to start the day. Slowly sipping your brew while envisioning money flowing to you from every direction and fulfilling your heart’s desire is a fabulous morning ritual. 

2. Cinquefoil

Cinquefoil, or Five Finger Grass, has five main qualities about it, one for each “finger” of the leaf. Money is the star of the show as far as I am concerned. It even looks like shredded money to me. I take it as a staple to my New Moon Rituals when I have them. We make mojo bags, and it always seems to do a fabulous job. People rave about the good it does.

I use Cinquefoil most commonly with candle magick or mojo bags. If using with candle magick, you want to make sure to use herbs sparingly. I also place my herbed candle on a cookie sheet covered in foil. I make sure it’s far away from anything flammable because the candles anointed in oil and herbs can go up like the 4th of July, and you want to make sure your house doesn’t go up with it. Always be safe!

3. High John

High John the Conqueror is da man! Being in Las Vegas, this is the perfect root. It’s fantastic for gambling and luck, as well as attracting money. It’s an especially useful herb for men in general. High John root represents male energy in many different spell workings.  

High John the Conquerer fits easily into a pocket as a charged charm or slides nicely into a mojo bag with other lucky items. You can carry it with you to places you need fast luck or easy money. 

4. Honeysuckle

So sweet that bees, children, and money can’t keep themselves away. This herb is for FAST money and success. No time like the present, right? Like bees to nectar, money will be drawn to you. 

Add a little bit to your mojo bag or dress a candle with Fast Luck Oil and roll it around in some honeysuckle for a quick candle spell. I also use honeysuckle in my prosperity charm jars and necklaces. Not only do they work well, but the strands look pretty, too. 

5. Job’s Tears

I add this one because it’s not only good for good luck, attracting money, but also for finding a job. Sometimes the reason we need more money is that our job, well, it sucks. So take one of these adorable little seeds and sow a spell that will surely grow to fruition. 

If you are going on a job interview, be sure to carry some in your pocket and perhaps “accidentally” leave a seed behind if it is a job you REALLY want. 

Or write up an advertisement for your dream job posting a want ad for the position you are made for. Tuck it in an envelope with a few Job’s Tears, seal it with a bit of honey, and set it on your altar during a new moon. 

Add Prosperity Spell Herbs to Your Apothecary

These are all fast and easy ways to get these prosperity herbs to work for you. I took my five favorites and made them into an herbal kit and also a spell kit you can get on my Etsy store. 

prosperity spell herbs

I use these herbs regularly in my magick, and I suggest having these herbs on hand for your apothecary for your spellwork too. A good witch uses her magick, so why not use it to benefit yourself?

Whether you get them from me, another trusted online source or you grow them yourself you need these five prosperity herbs in your magickal cabinet. So get some to have on hand. Once friends and family see the prosperity rolling in they are going to want to know your secret.

So there’s my top five, maybe we have some of these prosperity spell herbs in common and perhaps not. Comment below and tell me your favorite money herb and how you use it. I’d love to hear.

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