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Becoming a witch

I came into this world knowing things. Knowing secrets I shouldn’t have. The truth when lies were told. Ways to heal minor injuries when I shouldn’t have any knowledge. And things about those who had crossed over. I didn’t know I came from a long line of witchy women.

And while my mom had a knowingness of her own, she had a knack for always knowing where a lost item could be found, she didn’t know what to do with this different way about me.

In the beginning

In 3rd grade, I received my city library card and a whole new world was opened to me. I was an avid reader and was far beyond the children’s section. I quickly devoured all the witchy books in the children’s section which were mainly comprised of the Frank L. Baum Oz series.

Then I happened upon a book about the witch trials and I was hooked. I quickly read every book the library had on witches. I was convinced I was one, or at least had been one. Past life work had shown that at least twice I was a witch, both times dying because of my practice. The second time was the confirmed life of Mima Renaud. a French woman who moved to Brazil, turned to a life of prostitution and was eventually burned as a witch.

I was told to set the reading and obsession aside, and I did for a while, but it didn’t stop the knowingness. Knowing how to naturally treat bee stings was just something I knew even though I’d never seen anyone do it before. In my teens, my friend and I would dress up in cloaks under the full moon, set things on fire (NOT the proper way of doing things) and dance under the moonlight. It just felt like the right thing to do and we were both in the theatre so there was the whole performance aspect, too.

Searching for Answers

In my 20s I found Silver Ravenwolf and thought yes! Someone to teach me the things I don’t know. I know she was a bit fluffy in comparison to the straight-line Gardenarians, but she was a great start. Besides, I’m like freaking Glenda ok? Except glitter is bad for the environment so I stay away from that mess.

These days there are so many more authors to choose from. When I go to the bookstore I’m amazed at the witchy section and the wide array of books available. When I began searching, the “occult” section was limited to one to two shelves and now it has several bookshelves. I love it.

In my 30s I joined a coven. That was fun at first and I learned a lot I wouldn’t have learned on my own, well because I am a bit lazy and ritual isn’t really my thing (despite the whole teen-cloak-moon thing). Then the being told who to worship and the drama just turned me off. It wasn’t for me. I’m an introverted Solitary for a reason I suppose. No drama for this mama.

I’m sure there are a lot of amazing covens out there and if you are interested I think trying one on for size is worth it. Many allow you to be a guest before initiating to see if you are right for each other.

Witch, Time to Get Real

So I kept to myself, my practice in the closet under the staircase. Yes, I was literally in the closet until we moved back to Las Vegas. And then I was in the laundry room. Now I have my own office but still wasn’t really out in the open until 2015. That’s when it hit me like a brick upside the head-you don’t owe these people your life. Their opinions and judgment shouldn’t dictate how I live my life and that instead I should be doing what the hell I wanted to do and it harm none.

2015 became the year of “I no longer give a shit about what others think of me.” If you haven’t had a year like that yet, I truly hope you don’t wait until you get to my age to get to that point.

It was that year I decided to no longer dye my hair and grow my gray out. It was also the year I decided to stop doing my witchy stuff hush-hush on the side and instead made it the focus of my business. I lost some clients but gained others but more importantly, I kept the RIGHT people.

So here I am now, at 49, to share what knowledge I’ve gathered over all these years. Maybe it’s worth something or maybe it’s not. But they are things no one was there to teach me and I had to wing it which isn’t a bad thing actually because it strengthens your intuition.

I’m an herbalist so Green Witchery is my thang and I will write a lot about that. If you are interested in herbs you’ll want to check back. The rest will be about basic stuff with spiritual musings mixed in. I’m finding many of today’s witches are spiritually based. I love that they are finding their own way instead of trying to fit inside of someone else’s box.

Doing Your Own Witchy Thing

I ran into a lot of judgment early on from other witches because I wasn’t Wiccan but I say it really doesn’t matter. You have to do what feels right to you and do what makes you happy. That is what matters. Honestly. Screw the rest.

Maybe you’ve hesitated when calling yourself a witch. I did. I didn’t want people judging me. Maybe you question if it’s even something that resonates with you. And that’s ok too. Maybe you’re just trying some of the aspects on for size. Personally, I think there is a little witch in every woman. A piece of us that is a bit wild and free. A part of us that remains unsullied by the world and everything it says we are not. If you feel that calling, your spirit being pulled by the power of the moon or goddess energy then this is the place for you.

If you are interested, check out my ETSY store. It’s still in the works so pardon my dust.

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