Is it Really Your Intuition?

Let’s talk about intuition, shall we?

I have two things that threw intuition to the forefront of my life recently, and it is just screaming to be heard.

I’ve had “the gift” since I wasn’t quite two and a half. When I was younger, it would come spilling out at the most inopportune times, not unlike diarrhea of the mouth. And I’ve always been a human “lie detector”. 

As I grew older, I learned discernment and picked up tools of divination. I was using them to tune in to messages from Spirit (what I call my Higher Self/intuition, Spirit Guides, and Light Beings, etc.) and spirits who have passed on. 

For years I gave readings until I burned out on having the same clients request the same readings about the same love situations. I no longer felt like I was doing them or myself any good, so I stopped doing readings altogether. 

Kicking Things Back Up

Until an old client contacted me and begged me for a reading to help her see into the future, she was faced with her work visa not being renewed, and in light of everything in recent events, it didn’t look good. She got a reading from someone else, but it was vague and cryptic, and she needed something more definitive. So she came to me. 

I always worry a little bit when the expectations are set so high. 

She wanted a definite answer. To know if her visa was going to be renewed when it would happen, also she wanted to know when and where she would be living come winter. 

The stakes were high. What if I failed her?

I decided to do the reading anyway. 

For this reading, I did it offline because I also wanted to check into her Akashic Records to verify anything I got via the cards or my intuition because it had been so long since I had done a reading. I needed to be as thorough and accurate as possible. 

Leaving it up to Divination

I read my cards, and what it didn’t show me was more informative than what it did. With divination, you are looking for signs and symbols and determining their meaning. Whether it be tea leaves you are reading, or the tarot, you are looking at symbols and translate their meaning. 

As an intuitive reader, I am not as big of a fan of oracle cards or runes, but as a divination tool, they are great as well. They are giving you definitions, and you only have to rely on their energy being drawn to the querent as you pull the cards or runes. 

For my client, there weren’t any cards for disappointment or travel. But neither was there for happiness or winning. Sometimes you just get vague answers, and honestly, I was wanting something so specific I think a definitive answer wasn’t coming. So I quickly scooped up the cards without looking much further and tuned in to myself instead. 

I got quiet and asked the questions and received the answers I was looking for. 

Tuning in to Your Intuition

When getting answers from your intuition, it comes as a still small voice or none at all. There is absolutely no thought in the process. That is why as a child, things just poured out of my mouth because there is no thought process to act as a barrier. 

It does it without judgment. 

When I’m getting readings and things get judgy, I know that person is filtering Spirit and to beware. Because that means their ego is getting in the way. 

That is something we have to beware of when working with our intuition is our ego. Our egos LOVE to pretend they are our intuition. They will pretend to know things and pretend to be that still small voice and whisper things to you. 

Sometimes they will get things right and so you will want to listen to it.

But don’t get caught up in the drama of the ego.

The ego will speak with a twinge of fear. It speaks with judgment. And it whispers instead of places information in your mind.

So often, people these days say they have “downloads” when if you listen to their words, it is clearly their ego speaking. Learn to listen with discernment. 

Not to say that Spirit won’t tell you the facts of the situation in a cut and dry manner without sugar-coating it. Because they will, but they never judge, and they are never fearful. Spirit is never angry or divisive. 

So any time I feel I’m standing in the way of Truth with a capital T, I take a step back, which brings me to the next instance.

Being Led by Spirit

This Tuesday, I woke up to my husband having a panic attack. Monday was a horrible day for him at work, and he has been under a ridiculous amount of stress. But something wasn’t right. A little while later, he asks me what year it was. 

What?! It is 2020. The suckiest freaking year in my lifetime, at least. Something definitely wasn’t right. But I googled panic attacks and memory and because of high levels of adrenaline and cortisol, the memory can be affected it said. 

But then a little later he asked if I was cooking something and did I smell burnt popcorn. That voice said to take him to the VA hospital that he’d had a stroke. Even when I’d googled “burnt popcorn stroke” and it said it was a myth. That voice said do it anyway. Everything was very calm and clearly laid out. 

The doctors saw him and because he didn’t present with any typical outward signs, they chalked it up to a panic attack but at the last minute ran a CT scan “just in case”. It showed he had, in fact, suffered a stroke. 

While I sat in the lobby, which they weren’t going to allow me to come into because of COVID but because his memory was iffy, I was allowed in; I received the message below. My client was overjoyed. 

testimonial for intuitive reading from Kim Galliher

Since my husband being admitted to the hospital there has been a lot of tears, fear and worry. But during the moment of my intuition kicking in and calmly telling me what was wrong and what to do (even though google told me otherwise) I was in a state of peace. That is what being guided by Spirit is like. 

Since then, I’ve been told it’s time. 

Between her happiness and getting my husband figured out, I’ve listened and decided maybe it is time to start doing readings again. Just a few right now. But that was my sign. To open up my schedule. I’m offering $5 off a 30-minute reading (code TAKE5) and $10 off a 60-minute reading (code TAKE10)

If you have a simple question you’d like an answer to, I also have 1 question e-readings for $25 you can get $5 off with the same TAKE5 code.

If you are totally in tune with your own intuition and doing readings for yourself or others, just remember to be a channel for Spirit and to take a step back if you start getting in the way. Sometimes I literally tell my ego to hush. Don’t be afraid to tell yours to be quiet, too. 

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