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I don’t know about you, but I get incredibly introspective during the last two weeks of every year. I start to look back over the past year (my tagline for this year-2020, better than a sharp stick in the eye…but not by much) and start planning out the new year. This year I have the PERFECT planner for you witchy gals. Anissa Cosby and I have teamed up to make Magick with the Cosmos, the ultimate astrology planner/journal combo, and you won’t want to miss it.

But first things first, let’s talk about the process of planning.

So How Do You Plan for Your Year?

I start every year with a year ahead reading. I usually do this on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day. And yes, we have that spread in our planner! It gives you a look into each month of the year. So you get a peek as to what’s in store, so it isn’t like getting hit in the back of the head with a shovel when big stuff pops up three months from now. 

Next, I go in and write down all the important dates of the year. I do this on the monthly outlook as well as the specific days, so I don’t forget my mom’s birthday or my anniversary. It hasn’t happened yet, but you never know.

Then, if I don’t have an astrological calendar, I mark the moon events, but with ours, you can skip this step because we’ve got you covered. Not only do we have them marked, but there are journal prompts for each New and Full Moon. WOWZA!! Right?! I know, I know. Hold the applause, please.

While we didn’t put in all the sabbats, we did put in a little sumpin sumpin for the Solstices and Equinoxes. We made this decision because Magick with the Cosmos is an astrological planner/journal more than a witchy one. 

Since you don’t have to look up and write in the astrological events, you can go to each monthly calendar and plan your events around the dates provided. 

Then I suggest looking for major transitions around times that you are planning major events in your life, such as weddings, vacations, launches in your business, that sort of thing. Let the momentum of the planets propel you into success. Using the power of the planets is no different than casting spells. You are using the energy of the planets to strengthen your will and manifest your desires. 

Girl, this planner/journal combo is meant to be a powerful tool to launch you into success. To slam the door shut on 2020 and move into the energy of Aquarius that we will be experiencing this year. It began mid-December, and if you didn’t feel the shift, don’t worry, you will. But it glided on in like a smooth operator and it will be changing things because that is what Aquarians do. 

Aquarians are big-picture thinkers and the humanitarians of the astrological signs. So in light of 2020, shining the spotlight on every bump, bruise, and wound we have, poking it with a stick, and then pointing the finger at the other guy 2021 is ushering in something entirely different IF you allow it. 

So check out the astrological dates, try to understand the energy and what it means to your sign, and how you can best work along with it to make the most of the Age of Aquarius. I mean, come on, they write songs about this shit.

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What Else Can Magick with the Cosmos Do?

So Magick with the Cosmos is a fabulous planner. It has all the astrological information you’re going to want for the year. It has several tarot layouts and directions, including the Wheel of the Year spread. 

It also has a fabulous Moon Journal written by yours truly. It guides you through simple mini-rituals for journaling, asking you in-depth questions for self-discovery as we move throughout the year. 

You will need a companion journal or notebook. You can buy some excellent journals HERE. There is also journal prompts for each solstice and equinox. 

The Magick with the Cosmos also includes beautiful coloring sheets, one for each sign as you move through the calendar. 

This planner/journal has everything to kick off your year on the right foot. You can get yours now HERE. Don’t waste another minute. Prime members get free shipping!

For anyone who buys a journal and leaves a positive review, I’m gifting wooden crystal grids. Just contact me with your order number and a screenshot of your approved review and provide your address, and I will send you one free of charge. This offer is for the continental US only. 

So check it out, see if it’s for you. And please tell me how you like it and what you’d like to see different for next year. 

Happy New Year!

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