5 Magickal Oil Recipes and How to Use Them

Magickal Oil Recipes

Magickal oils are one of the witchiest things I have in my space. Potions sitting in jars waiting to be put into use by myself and clients. (*shivers) Just looking at them gives me the witchy feels. And isn’t that what it’s all about? So, to spread all that good juju, I’m sharing my five favorite magickal oil recipes so you can make your own. 

What is a Magickal Oil?

A magickal oil is a carrier oil infused with herbs, essential oils, etc., and set with powerful intentions to use in your magickal practice. It’s a spell within itself but is also used as part of other spells. 

How do you Use Magickal Oils?

I think it’s best that you rely on your heart and intuition, but some common ways magickal oils are used are:

Anointing yourself

Anointing your altar

Anointing your magickal tools

Candle magick

Feeding your spell bags and charms

Dream pillows

Bath oils

For your powders

Other spells

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Magickal Oil Recipes

Court Case Oil

Court Case Oil is a highly requested magickal oil, which is why it’s included. 

Galangal (Low John) Root

Black Mustard Seeds


Slippery Elm

Grind herbs and cover with Jojoba or Sunflower Oil. 

Follow Me, Boy! Oil

Follow Me, Boy! Oil is an attraction oil you can use in love spells as well as for some business spells. This magickal oil recipe will bring all the boys to your yard whether you have milkshakes or not, lol. 




Bergamot Oil

Sweet Orange Oil

Grind herbs and cover with sweet almond oil and/or apricot oil. 

Money Drawing Oil

Everybody likes a little cha-ching in their life, which is a money magnet oil you’ll love. I like to add basil essential oil to this standard lodestone magickal oil recipe.

  • Place 9 lodestones (not hematite) in a jar and cover with magnetic sand and cover with almond oil. 
  • Let sit for seven days in a window where it gets plenty of sun and moonlight. 
  • Shake the jar every day and set the intention of money and prosperity being attracted to it.
  • After seven days, strain the oil and put it into a different bottle.
  • Add basil essential oil for an added boost. 
  • You can reuse the lodestone and sand for another batch of oil. 

Protection Oil

It’s always good to have a protection oil on hand, and this one is a great all-purpose one. 

Angelica Root


Galangal Root




Grind herbs and cover with sunflower or olive oil. Add vetiver essential oil.

Do As I Say Oil

This commanding oil is excellent for business spells, love spells, and other spells you need to exert some authority. 



Myrrh (resin or essential oil)


Grind herbs and cover with Safflower or Apricot Oil. Add Bergamot essential oil. 

Of Other Importance

With each oil, you should use a ⅓ herb to ⅔  oil ratio. Then turn the jar upside down and give it a good shake to make sure all the herbs are submerged daily to prevent molding. Let the oils sit for 4-6 weeks, then strain using cheesecloth or muslin. You can speed the process up if you’re in a hurry, learn more about that HERE.

Add the essential oils to the oil after they’ve been strained. I always add a touch of castor oil or vitamin E oil to the finish products to help prolong the shelf-life.  

As I’m creating the oil and giving them a good daily shaking, I’m infusing them with the oil’s intention. Don’t forget the intention! That’s the most crucial part. If you like to know more about magickal herbs, you can get my Magickal Herb Guide HERE.

I’d love to know how you use oils in your witchcraft and which one is your favorite, so comment below. 

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