7 Practical Beginner Witch Tips for Fabulous Baby Witches

beginner witch tips

Although it has been many, many moons since I was a beginner witch I’ve tried to compose a practical list of beginner witch tips. This allows ease to a pathway for learning to help every would-be-witch grow from a fabulous baby witch to a wise old crone. 

There is A LOT of information to absorb as a witch, A LOT. But no one expects you to memorize it all. I’ve forgotten at least half of what I’ve learned-thank you menopause-but that’s why there is a Book of Shadows. I implore you to write everything down. Or make computer files, or however you best track information. 

I used to have a picture-perfect memory and didn’t think I needed to write anything down, and I wish I had taken the time to do so (obviously no one was giving me beginner witch tips, lol). Write. It. Down. I guess that is tip number one, lol. We might as well get started then. 

Beginner Witch Tips


   1. Write it Down

As I said, you will never remember the vast amount of information you will study. So please write it down in your handy-dandy Book of Shadows. I keep mine in a binder so I can add and move pages at will. It ain’t pretty, but it is practical. 

If you are artistic, turn it into a beautiful bullet journal with colorful layouts. If I had an artistic bone in my body, that’s exactly what I would do, but I make stick people look bad. You can find some really fabulous layouts on Pinterest, and they even have a witchy bullet journal group on Facebook. 

     2. Do Not Go Broke

Do not invest all your money in the beginning; buying stuff you think you need. You don’t NEED most of it. You will WANT a lot of it, but that is an entirely different story. But one you can budget for over time. 

Do you need a room full of crystals or 20 tarot decks? Absolutely not, but a witch is gonna get witchy. I suggest making a beginner witch shopping list and mark things off as a priority and buy a little here and there. It took me 30 years to accumulate all the things I have. Don’t rush it. Try to exercise a little patience. Because many of the witchy tools you see you really don’t need, they are just lovely aesthetics. 

     3. Make a Beginner Witch Altar

Take the time to plan out and create your altar. It will grow and change over time, and your beginner witch altar will look different from your altar ten years from now. One of the most fabulous of the beginner witch tips is to decorate your altar with the witchy holidays. Keep the basics the same but change out the candles, add some appropriate floral decor that type of thing. Research each holiday and add a little something special for each individual one. 

Just make sacred space, even if it is on a tiny corner on your nightstand on your bookshelf. You need somewhere to focus your intention and meditate if it can be near where you will cast your spells even better, but don’t fret if it’s not. There are amazing mini-altars for sale on Etsy. Get one of those and set it up when you are casting spells, and you are good to go. 

     4. Don’t Crash Down the Door of the Broom Closet

If you aren’t prepared to come out of the broom closet, then don’t. You don’t have to declare your practice to the world. Some of you will be excited and want to tell everyone, and that’s ok. I’ve seen some get aggressive about it. Throwing their paganism or witchiness around and being antagonistic about their beliefs. Remember, no one likes pushy or fanatic Christians, so don’t be that type of witch either. 

Just do your thing in private or in public, but there’s never a reason to be angry or antagonistic. If you wouldn’t want someone of another faith to do it to you, not go doing it to others. 

     5. Grow a Thick Skin

You’re going to have to. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been this way basically my whole life, and people expect it, but I’ve had minimal problems or confrontations regarding my beliefs. But I also know this makes me very fortunate. Not everyone is that lucky.

Many of you will have problems with outsiders and your own families. You have to do what is best where your family is from, but where outsiders are concerned, I usually laugh it off, and then I’m left alone. 

For someone reason, I’ve never really been bothered by people, but I don’t expect to be either. As witches, our intention is EVERYTHING, so put the intention out there to be left the F alone and then laugh it off when the occasional someone makes a stupid comment and let it slide right off like water off a duck’s back. 

     6. Shop Bargains for Your Beginner Witch Supplies List

There are so many goodies you can find for your beginner witch supplies list hidden at the dollar stores or thrift stores. When I lived in the midwest, I hit up Goodwill on the regular because their thrift stores were amazing. They had fantastic finds on crystals, candles, mason jars, and more. I even found an entire renaissance costume for $20-great quality too. Here in the desert, it’s slim pickings. But check those places out.

This is one of the best beginner witch tips. There are so many great bargains to be had at the dollar store: wand lighters, candles (I’ve gotten fabulous Chakra candles there before), herbs, some have wine for your rituals, jars, etc. It is kind of fun to gather your girlfriends and stroll the aisles at the thrift stores or dollar stores and hunt down the bargains. 

     7. Research All the Things a Beginner Witch Needs

Read everything. You want to research and read all the things a beginner witch needs to start you out on the right foot. Get the books, read magazines and the witchy almanacs. If you are reading the blogs, make sure you’re reading blogs by established and educated witches and spiritual teaches. 

I’ve come across way too many who have been doing it for 5 minutes and then present themselves as an expert. Or they ask an expert on how to do this thing and rush out to teach someone without understanding the full picture to better teach another person. It does a great disservice to the people trying to learn to have bad teachers. 

That being said, don’t spend too much money buying up books on general witchcraft stuff. They pretty much say the same thing. But do make a beginner witch reading list and invest your money on the different topics—herbs, oils, spells, dreams, crystals, divination, etc. 

Unless you just like to collect books like me, save yourself a little money, but otherwise read a wide variety of information. I buy my books instead of checking them out at the library, and I learned not to buy them on Kindle instead of a hard copy. It makes it a hell of a lot easier to reference information when you have it in your hands. 

book of shadows

There are some basic beginner witch tips, but let’s talk about the fundamental areas of study you need to cover when studying as a beginner witch. Frankly, it will be for the duration of your practice because you will never stop learning, and you forget so much that you will need to be studying consistently.

Below are all topics you want to delve into. As I mentioned above, these are areas you want to invest some money in buying books on particular topics to gain more specified knowledge. 

All About SpellCraft

Astrological Correspondences

Beginner Witch Reading List

Color Correspondences


Days of the Week Correspondences



History of Witchcraft

How to Create a Book of Shadows

How to Grow Your Psychic Abilities

How to Set Up Your Beginner Witch Altar

Moon Cycles

Protecting Your Energy

Spiritual Healing

Types of Divination

Types of Magick

Types of Witchcraft

Witch Holidays

Witch Tools

I’m sure there are things I’m forgetting as I write this that I will have to come back over time and add. I think the best thing to do is get yourself a great journal (you know you as a witchy woman, you love you some notebooks and journals) and write down Things a Beginner Witch Needs and Things a Beginner Witch Wants and narrow it down between the two and then budget accordingly. 

For me, spellcasting takes a priority, but if you’ve read my blogs on spellcasting, you can cast spells very simply and save a bundle. So set your priorities, and you’ll do fine. You can save yourself some trouble and buy a beginner witch kit, so you aren’t buying a full set of a lot of different things but buying a sampling instead. It’s a great way to get things a beginner witch needs while starting out on a budget. 

If you have witchy friends, you could also split things up. Buy boxes of candles and bags of herbs then split the contents. 

The thing with herbs is that they are usually sold in larger quantities if you are buying them from a proven, ethical source, but they only have a shelf life of about a year if kept in an air-tight container and away from bright light. So if you can buy the smaller packages or split them with a friend, it would serve you well. In any case, be a bit of an herb snob and check where the herbs originated from. You want good quality herbs that were ethically farmed and hopefully organic and free from pesticides. 

So I hope this information was helpful. If you have questions or comments or beginner witch tips you’d like to share, drop them below I’d love to hear them, and I enjoy chatting about all things witchy. Please remember sharing is caring, and it’s what helps keep this blog going.

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