Simple Ways to Celebrate the Moon

When I first attempted to practice magick, and had no idea what I was doing, I was in high school. But I thought it had something to do with celebrating the moon. It just felt like the thing to do.

I enlisted my BFF, borrowed my mom’s red hooded cape, my dad’s antique hand scythe (not even sure that’s the real name for what it was), and we went in search of magickal herbs to create spells. We did this at dusk and burned a little fire in the yard when darkness fell and danced around in celebration. 

I’m pretty sure she thought we were play-acting, we were both theater kids after all, but witchery was in my code. I was playing for keeps.

It was a few good years later before I actually became a practicing witch, and then I let it flitter in and out of my life as chaos and calm allowed space for a lazy witch like me. 

Then my children grew older, life got more relaxed, and I made room for things I liked to do for ME. I once again felt pulled by the moon, the representation of the Divine Feminine or Triple Goddess. 

I needed to go out and bask in her light. To call down her energy and feel the power within me. I felt the call to utilize that energy and feel that strength for my spellcasting. 

And when I reconnected and began practicing once again, working my magick once again, for myself and others, I felt this more profound connection to the world around me. Like I was within it instead of outside looking in. 

So how does one connect with the moon? How do you get that feeling for yourself? To feel a part of something much larger than yourself?

Enjoy all the moon phases

Yes, it’s lovely to bask in the light of the full moon, but there’s great power in all the phases. Make it a practice to go outside and take in the night air. Stand where you can see the moon and say a short prayer. 

Close your eyes, and invite the lunar energy into your body by way of your crown chakra. Pull it down through every fiber of your being and then ground yourself and if you can do it barefoot, even better. 

Honor the phases of the moon within you.

Maybe you’re a maiden and nowhere close to a crone, but no matter what phase you are in, you can honor the maiden, the mother, or the crone within you. At any given time, there are aspects of all three residing within your soul. 

Maybe try to connect with the youthful side of yourself and see how you can interject more fun into your life. Perhaps you need to take more time to focus on nurturing those you love or even yourself, like the mother. Or weighing a matter at hand out judiciously and with patience to find the perfect solution you’ve been waiting on. 

Take time to visit each stage and see how their roles fit your life at this moment in time. Are there lessons you can learn from them? Are there aspects about one more than another that would serve you well? Write it down. We witchy women aren’t in love with journals for no good reason. 

Celebrate the moon in small ways

You can celebrate the moon and the Divine Feminine in small ways every day. Things like lighting silver chime candles on your altar. Or laying out a crystal grid with moonstones, quartz, and selenite. And using your moon water for anointing your altar statues. 

See if you can find other ways to celebrate the moon on your altar or sacred space. Maybe it is just a matter of placing a picture on the wall or a bumper sticker on your car. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. 

Journal about your feminine power

I think taking time every day to tune into your feminine energy is vital. 

Get your journal and ask a question or two that might be weighing on your mind. Then try to take a few moments to meditate. Try connecting with your Higher Self. Ask this Divine version of yourself for the answers you seek and then write the answers down. 

When that’s done, ask to show up in the world today as Her. Allow yourself to be open to this knowingness. Allow your Highest Self to shine through today. Your connection to the Divine is always there-even to your own divinity. Take time to tune into it. 

Every female is intrinsically tied to the Divine Feminine energy allow yourself to connect to this side of yourself. 

So that’s just a few fun things you can do to better tune into the lunar energy we are so enthralled by. If you want to know more about the moon, her phases, and the magick to be performed by her glorious light, I have a fabulously informative class you can take HERE

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