The Building Blocks of Spellcasting: Part II

the art of spellcasting

I know you are an ace at setting intention after reading Part I, and you went forth in the witchy world and kicked some major ass with your spellcasting, but I did promise you a Part II.

What else do you need other than your intention? Gurl, let me tell you.

This is what I call the science of spellcasting. It’s like mixing up some secret formula in the laboratory of a mad scientist. And honestly, that’s kind of what I feel like in my office whipping up spells sometimes. 

As Nikola Tesla said, “Everything is energy.” From inanimate objects to our very thoughts. Every single thing in the Universe has a vibrational frequency, and it’s that frequency that produces energy. 

So you know how everything in witchcraft has a purpose, right? A meaning or intention? A correspondence? 

It’s the vibration of the correspondence that we use to build our spells. 

Walk with me here. 

Say you want $10,000. You need to create a spell to match that desire or energy. 

How do you get there?

You build an energetic ladder to your desire. 

You might build your ladder, such as this. 

Start on a New Moon

A New Moon will have the energetic property of growing your desires and starting new endeavors

Cast your Spell on a Thursday 

Thursdays are ruled by Jupiter, which is excellent for success and prosperity. You want all of that you can get. Right?

Choose Your Candle Color

You want to choose a green or gold-colored candle. These colors correspond to money and wealth.

Pick Your Herbs 

You want to pick herbs like in my prosperity blog. These are more herbs to draw money and help you earn more money quickly. You are increasing the magickal energy even more. My favorite place to get high-quality, ethically farmed and organic herbs is Mountain Rose Herbs. My back up source is Starwest Botanicals.

Ask for Help

Next, call on your Divine for help. Whatever that looks like to you. 

Give it Your Best

Finally, you want to add your own personal power and set your intention. Give it all you’ve got. 

But as you can see steps, 1-5 are steps or rungs to your ladder, helping you reach your desire. You are calling in energetic matches for what you want with your spellcasting. 

Can you get what you want without these things? Yes, sometimes. But it increases your chances, like fishing with the right bait. 

It’s essential to use your powers to FEEL into what you are doing. Call it intuition or being an empath or a psychic, or just using your witchy ways. Feel the magick of what you do. Know what ingredients are the ones you genuinely want to add. 

In my upcoming Herbal Magick 101 course, I talk about the different love herbs for the different types of love spells, but it is also important you feel into it and use you what your heart tells you is right. 

Part of being a witch is being led by your intuition and doing what speaks to your heart and soul. Let that wash over you as you step into your power. 

Between that and knowing your correspondences, you will be unstoppable. 

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