The Building Blocks to Spellcasting: Part I

As a beginner witch, it’s sometimes hard not to think we have to have ALL the witch “stuff” before we can begin to practice magick.  Before we can get down to the nitty-gritty of spellcasting.

I get it. I LOVE witch aesthetic. Basic witch is my jam. Black cats, hoarding mason jars, herbs, dozens of tarot decks, and giant crystal balls. It makes me happy being surrounded by it all. 

But I’ve accumulated all my “stuff” over decades. 

Starting out, it usually isn’t feasible, and it certainly isn’t necessary to start spellcasting and to be a witch.

You can get by with well nothing. 

The Secret to Spellcasting 

The secret to spellcasting some will say is intent. It does go a little deeper than that, though. It’s my intention to make a couple of million dollars, pay off my debt, and go retire doing nothing more than reading, writing, and meditating. 

But just my intention isn’t going to get me there. 

Not even with magick on my side. 

So what else does it take? 

Dedicated intention and inspired action. 

What is Dedicated Intention?

Intention is well and good, but it may not get you anywhere. It’s like when you are little, and you are out at dusk, and you see the first star of the night. 

You get SO excited, and you blurt out the rhyme 

“Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may; I wish I might get the wish I wish tonight.”

And in all your excitement, you wish the first thing that pops in your head! 

A brown pony.

Nevermind, you have nowhere to put a pony. You don’t know how to ride a pony. You don’t even know if you like ponies, but somewhere you saw a picture of a cute pony in a book, and it seemed like such a cute thing to want, and the girl in the book was so happy, and you want to be happy too, but none of that is registering because well you are six and ponies are just cute. 

Your intention is there. At the moment, you want a pony. Maybe not in your heart of hearts. But you intend to say the spell and wish on a pony. So why doesn’t a pony show up on your doorstep?

But with dedicated intention, you are aligning yourself with the energy of what you desire. It’s much deeper than just wanting it to be so.  And that is what spellcasting takes-dedicated intention.

This is why so often, people who are potent manifestors bring in all the bad juju when they aren’t casting. Some people are natural spellcasters (manifestors). And they will bring it to life-good or bad. 

For the rest of us, we have to work on aligning ourselves. 

So you set your intention and then you have to SEE it. See the positive effects that having your desires set in motion will bring to you. FEEL it. Feel the emotions that are tied to obtaining what you desire. And KNOW it will happen. Do not doubt. Do not question. Know this is a done deal. 

If you’re interested in reading more there are plenty of books on the subject. I’m partial to Skye Alexander myself as a new witch author.

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What is Inspired Action?

So many times, I’ve seen people cast spells and then done nothing. They sit around waiting for what they want to drop out of the sky. Now and then, you can be walking along and that something you wished for will just be lying there, but very often it takes inspired action. It’s part of the deal, but we don’t listen and act on it, thinking we cast the spell, where are our goodies? 

So what does inspired action mean?

You have to get good at listening to that still small voice. Like I talk about in my intuition blog. This is not to be confused with the ego that will try to tell you things in a harried or desperate kind of way-ESPECIALLY where love spells are concerned.

Instead, it’s that still small voice that says turn here, or you need to go to the bookstore, and you end up bumping into an old friend and get to talking and the next thing you know he asks you out, and you start dating exclusively, and a year later you are tying the knot. That is inspired action. Inspired action is a product of good spellcasting

You have to listen, and you have to act. If you don’t hear what your next step is supposed to be, I strongly suggest meditation. It is incredible for Divine Downloads.

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Wait. Is That It?

Yes, you can cast a spell with just your words or write a petition on a piece of paper, then burn it or bury it. It’s that simple. 

Magick can happen with no tools. No crystals, no herbs, no special oils or powders. Just the power of your thoughts and words. It’s the first building block of spellcasting. 

Next week comes the rest.

I’d love to know if you are a more seasoned witch, what is one thing you wish you’d known as a beginner witch. Comment below or contact me and let me know.

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1 thought on “The Building Blocks to Spellcasting: Part I”

  1. I started practicing my craft around 12-13 years old, learning out of books with complicated spells and hard to find ingredients. I wish I had learned the process of simply setting up elements to create sacred space for ritual. I have been much more successful spellcasting when I cast a circle, shift the mind with music and ask spirit, angels or nature for assistance and protection. It took around 20 years to find the right blend of blending formal spell instructions with your own personal touch. But I’ve manifested more when I start off with casting circles first and close out with spoken gratitude to the divine. Don’t cut corners! Take the extra 10 minutes to prepare your space beforehand. The rest of the spell ends up working out it’s own success even if you trip up on your lines.

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