The Secret of Life

wrapped in warm blanket with cup of hot cocoa is the secret of life

There’s something about fall. It’s not just hot cocoa and fuzzy socks I love. It’s the hibernating. I don’t mean just staying indoors and curling up under a fluffy blanket, but going within the mind. Getting introspective. As the leaves fall and the seasons change, I allow the same to occur within me. I let what no longer works for me to be shed, and I change my thoughts and ideas to shift with how I’ve grown and what I’ve learned.

What is Left Behind
In July, my husband had a stroke. It changed things-for our family, my business, our future.

There were significant life decisions made. One of them was to shut down my Etsy witch store at the end of the holidays. If I didn’t have regular clients who relied on me for gifts, I would have just shut it down, but I don’t like disappointing people.

It became an easy decision to make. About the time I questioned doing it, sales just dried up, so it became a no-brainer. It was more time and effort than it was money. When you ask the Universe questions, it often answers. You just have to be willing to listen.

The other thing that is left behind in December is my school. I will no longer be offering online classes. Instead, I am turning them all into books to be sold on Amazon. It will take me a good bit to make them book-length, but my goal is to have them all completed by the end of 2021. A lofty goal for sure, but one I’m setting, nonetheless.

The last thing I am setting aside is unhealthy living. I’ve been too busy to cook separate food for myself. My family eats meat/no veggies, and I’m a vegetarian who has turned into a junk food junkie. Instead of cooking for myself, I eat junk food on the fly, which has cost me a lot of weight gain and health issues. Vegetarian doesn’t always equal healthy.

So I found a company called Citrus Pear who makes crockpot dinners out of fresh food. You pick it up, take it home and freeze it. That’s for my family, high on the meats and low on the veggies. They operate in several southwest states so if you live there and are looking for healthy, easy options, check them out.

For me, I’ve been trying meal subscription kits. I tried one, Splendid Spoon, and it tasted like absolute shit. YUCK. I tried Hungry Root. It was great, but I had to prep and cook it myself, which I wanted to get away from since that still leaves two messes to clean up and time spent in the kitchen.

Then I tried Daily Harvest, and OMG, it has been delicious. It is plant-based, so it isn’t for everyone. But it tastes great, is healthy and convenient, and my food bill didn’t go up by much-like $20. I think for the convenience and zero waste, it’s worth it. You can save $25 off your first order with my link.

So What is Coming
Well, I don’t know. I know there is more writing involved. Lots and lots of writing. My freelance writing website got a new logo today. I’ve picked up some new clients. I’m working on two books. A novel and a book on herbal magick that is the first of the courses expanded to book form.

My witchy room has moved into a large walk-in closet so my office can be dedicated to writing and also be shared with my husband, who now sometimes works from home. It’s not that I’m going back into hiding after nearly 30 years of practicing witchcraft; I just needed the space.

My daughter and witchlet granddaughter moved back to Indiana, so the house is eerily quiet once again. So a trip or two to see them will be coming up. Spring and fall. Maybe we will have them out here for the witchlet’s birthday. She’ll be five this summer.

But other than that, we are just trying to live our lives, trying not to work too hard. Trying not to stress too much. Just take things easy and enjoy each other’s company. I’m convinced that is the secret of life.

Sometimes being a witch comes down to listening to the Universe and your own intuition. Getting into the flow and trusting it will deliver you to where you are supposed to be.

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