To Hex or Not to Hex

cauldron and spell to hex or not to hex

With so much going on in the world and all the bad juju carrying on, it’s enough to make good witches go bad. But what’s all the fuss about the Rule of Three or the Law of Karma, and does it really matter? When push comes to shove, the real question is-is it OK to hex someone?

We’ve all seen the coven of witches who band together, along with many other witches joining in from around the country, to hex Donald Trump. And maybe you’ve joined in, or perhaps you wanted to but were too afraid of that karmic smudge. Or perhaps you were on the other side and wanted to counter-act the hex.

If you are the one sitting on the fence, you may have asked-

Is it OK to Hex Someone?

What is a hex?
According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a hex is an evil spell, bringing bad luck and trouble. But hexes are believed to have been brought to America by the Pennsylvania Dutch, a Rosicrucian group that settled in Germantown, PA, in the seventeenth century.

In this group, the women practiced what is known as pow-wow, a type of magic that involved magic, astrology, healing, and hex signs. The hex signs were to keep away evil spirits and harm. Their hex signs, or sigils, can still be found on some old homes and barns in the midwest.

What is the Law of Karma and the Rule of Three?
The Law of Karma is much like the Law of Cause and Effect. In a nutshell, it states that what you put out, you receive back. The Rule of Three states the same thing but that you get it back about three times as much.

Some people think it’s literal meaning if you kick a puppy, someone will kick you. Some people think it’s more symbolic, but it’s a payment for your actions either way. If your actions are “good,” then good will come to you. If they’re “bad,” then negativity will come to you.

So What About Hexes?
Hexes, as mentioned above, were meant to be protection from harm and evil spirits. That’s the rightful purpose, but there is some wiggle room, of course, with HOW you will protect someone/something from harm? Defensive hexes have since become offensive hexes.

In the case of Donald Trump, while it was an offensive hex, it was believed necessary for the betterment of the country, world, and humanity (FYI, I did not take part in this hex or promoting it; I’m just using a prominent example).

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Are Hexes Common?
What I’ve found over the years is that cast hexes aren’t that common. Meaning spells cast by witches to cause harm to another person. But that hasn’t stopped a large number of people coming to me thinking they had a hex put on them.

So if it wasn’t a hex, what was it? It was a creation made by ill intent. And that is common AF. It’s bad juju. Malicious intentions manifested into reality. So, what does that mean? It’s the jealousy, anger, fear, resentment, etc. that a person harbors for another and sends it out into the Universe to attack them. And maybe they don’t purposefully mean for it to attack them, but it does.

When a person becomes consumed with these negative feelings, they take on energetic thought forms, and when it’s about a person, a psychic connection is made (cord), and all that dark, nasty energy is sent to do harm. It can wreak havoc in your life.

It ends up being not so different from if they cast a spell to harm or put a “hex” on them.

It’s essential to mind your thoughts because we can all get a little jealous and judgey. But letting it fester becomes dangerous.

I knew someone who was so jealous of people she was always attacking this way, but she actually did it on purpose. In return, her life became more and more miserable. She and her husband became very sick; they lost everything they had, kicked out of their home, their only car kept breaking down. And that just made her more jealous of people whose lives weren’t in chaos, and so she would attack them, and then her life would get worse off again.

Even if you don’t believe in the Rule of Three or the Law of Karma, it’s crucial to keep in the back of your mind to notice any possible trends. Don’t get me wrong, bad shit can happen to good people, and assholes can win the lottery, but it’s an excellent way to police yourself.

When it comes down to it, you have to decide do you want to use a hex defensively or offensively? And if you are using it offensively, are you prepared to pay for a little karmic ill will should it come. Because as noted with Donald Trump, all those witches felt it was their civic duty; they did it for the better good. In that case, the karma should be good, too, right? In the case of the woman I once called friend, it bit her in the ass hardcore. The secret to it all lies, as always, in your intentions.

You could just use protection magick and call it good or you could get a little saucy and be proactive. To hex or not to hex, the choice is yours.

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