Where to Learn About Green Witch Herbs

If you are looking to learn about green witch herbs but have no idea where to start, I am here to help a sister out! An awesome magickal apothecary has green witch drooling with envy so I know you want to get started.

green witch herbs for spells

Piecing information together from Pinterest graphics may give you something to do while waiting in line, but it isn’t efficient. Let’s face it how many things have you pinned never to return to again? 

Herbcraft has a long history in witchcraft, whether it be through healing or spellcraft. The two are deeply intertwined. 

Once we relied on what was available to our surroundings through what we grew and wildcrafted, we now can purchase online and have them delivered or visit local shops, which is really amazing when you live in the godforsaken desert like me. It lets you easily build your magickal apothecary.

I wouldn’t have a third of the herbs I have if I had to rely on what I could forage or grow for myself. 

But in the beginning, where do you learn about the facts of green witch herbs? 

Herbal Book Recommendations

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I started with Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs from way back in the day. This book initially came out in the mid-80s, so it has been around a good minute. But if you want to learn about green witchcraft herbs, this where I began all those many moons ago.

Eventually, I wanted to learn more about the healing properties of herbs and not just the magickal properties. I found there wasn’t a lot of cross-over (which is why I am working on a book that blends the two). So from there, I began reading books on medicinal herbs. 

Rosemary Gladstar has some great information out there. This book is a great place to start Other fabulous herbalists are Susun Weed, Rosalee de la Foret, Thomas Easley, and Matthew Wood.

Green Witch Herbs Recommended Podcasts

I’ve tried to love podcasts, but I don’t absorb information by auditory means. Matter-of-fact, if you are ever talking to me and see me staring off into space, it’s because I have gone too long with auditory stimulus and am simply overloaded and done checked out.

It’s a true story. I just zone out. I can’t do e-books, I don’t remember song lyrics, and I can’t pay attention to podcasts. But if they are your jam, fellow herbalists have recommended these few podcasts.

The Herbal Highway

Sarah Holmes and Karyn Sanders host the Herbal Highway, and they love to chat about herbs and herbalism as a source of health and wellness. They talk about a wide variety of topics, including wildcrafting, connecting with the earth, interviews with practicing herbalists, etc.

Herbal Radio

Herbal Radio is a podcast by my all-time favorite herb vendor Mountain Rose Herbs. It is part of their Free Herbalism Project. You’ll find podcasts on bitters and digestions, adaptogens, herbs as one-on-one, wild plants for food, and bonk-chicka-wow-wow aphrodisiacs. Plus, so much more. I so wish I could listen to them and get all the information they were sharing because they really do offer up a lot of valuable information. They have some fabulous guests like Dr. Tieraona Low Dog and Guido Mase’.

Real Herbalism Radio 

Real Herbalism Radio is hosted by Sue Sierralupe’ and Candace Hunter. They provide information on herbalism, homesteading, and natural living topics. Some of their topics cover gut health, folk medicine (hello witches!),

Herbalism Courses

I also took classes from The Herbal Academy. They have a wide variety of courses and even products you can buy to kick off your healing apothecary (don’t expect much information for your magickal apothecary). Love them. They even have a subscription-based Herbarium that acts as a learning resource for herbs. There is a ton of great information in there.

If you want to take a beginner’s course on herbal magick, I just released Herbal Magick 101, and you can take 20% off with coded MATMBLOG.

Getting Started With Green Witch Herbs

To learn about green witchcraft herbs doesn’t mean you have to shell out the big bucks out of the gate. There are affordable answers out there. Mainly wildcrafting and growing your own herbs. Picking up mason jars from thrift shops or buying in bulk direct from suppliers helps save money too. And maybe you start small with a witch kit and then work on buying individual herbs from a place like Mountain Rose Herbs or Starwest Botanicals. 

I know you want that totally awesome magickal apothecary but you don’t have to go big to learn about green witch herbs. I started small in the beginning. I began with the herbs in my kitchen cupboard.

Now maybe this is even a stretch for you. I’m from Texas, and I season the hell out of all my food. But if you are someone who thinks salt and pepper are all you need, then you might need to go shopping. Even still, hit up the dollar stores first. See what they have to offer. 

We have a great store called Winco that has a bulk section that is out of this world. You can check out there or a store like it with a bulk section. Or see if you have a local herb shop. We have one not far from me. The pickings are slim, but you can buy just a small amount, and prices are reasonable. The point is there are options. 

Learning about green witch herbs is more than throwing spells together. It’s a matter of healing and herb knowledge that takes you into the realm of folk healing. It’s a bit of trusting your intuition, a lot of studies, and of course, magick. Happy witching!

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