Witchy Holiday Gifts for the Witch in Your Life

Witchy holiday gifts

Whether you celebrate Yule or still swap presents on Christmas every witch loves a little something special for the holidays. It’s the perfect time to search out witchy holiday gifts to put on your list or to give to a friend. 

I love the holidays. From Halloween to the New Year I try to celebrate as much as possible. There’s just something about the crisp air, fuzzy socks, hot cocoa and good food that gets in the mood to be cheerful (no more resting witch face) and to pass on the love. That includes giving gifts.

But my birthday is also Christmas Eve so I am also about making my wish list and dropping hints too. This list includes some of the things that normally find their way onto wish or shopping list. Of course, gift cards are always nice too and a few places mentioned below offer those. Have fun making your list, but forget that checking it twice nonsense, I know you’ve been good enough.

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Witchy Holiday Gifts

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are always a great gift to give that witch in your life. No, it doesn’t matter that they have 24 decks already. This Nightmare Before Christmas deck is a fun way to get into the holiday spirit and give a witchy holiday gift. 


Witches love journals. Journals for writing our tarot readings in, journals to write our dreams in, journals for our Book of Shadows, journals to hoard until we think of the perfect thing to write in them. Whatever. It really doesn’t matter. We like nice journals. If you aren’t a witch, all I can say is don’t judge. These leather-bound triple moon ones are gorgeous. 

Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are so fun. It’s the gift that keeps giving. Presents in the mail each and every month for as long as you give the subscription? Yes, please. I love The Witches Box. It comes with a spell, pages for your BoS, and items for your apothecary and it has an online community!

Coffee Mugs

A witch has got to have her coffee or tea. I like both-coffee in the morning and tea afternoon and night. Here are some great mugs for witch gift ideas. I love this color-changing mug (and she had some awesome stemless witchy wine glasses as well). But Amazon has some amazing ones and I love Rae Dunn’s witchy mugs.


Hello? Books, books, books and more books. I have more books than I have time for and someday when I am retired I might catch up with my book habit. Want to read? There are books about witchcraft and fiction books about magic and others about mythical beings. And frankly, for many witches, any of those would do. We like to get lost in our imaginations about what-ifs. 

I love the books that Wiccapedia authors Shawn Robbins and Leanna Greenaway put out. There are several and although I’m not Wiccan these books are filled with fabulous info for witches new and old. And for fiction try any of witch author Ellen Dugan’s series of books or check out this reading list for more recommended reading. 

There are other fabulous things of course, like herbs, bulk candles, and jars that make fabulous witchy holiday gifts. Crystals are something I think of as very personal that should be chosen by the owner, but that’s me. You can always give the new witch in your life a beginner witch kit, too. 

The witch inspired gifts on this list are some of my favorites that I’ve found. I hope you enjoy them, too. If you have a fave that didn’t make the list, please drop it in the comments below. Contact me if you have any questions or topics you’d like covered.

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Witchy Holiday Gift Ideas

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